Trump: MSNBC ratings way down because of no credibility

Monday, 09. September 2019 15:44

United States President Donald Trump said on Monday that Comcast-owned MSNBC's ratings were "way down" because the network had "lost all credibility." He further alleged that their stories about him were "100% negative" and that they were incapable of saying anything positive despite all the "great" things that his administration had done.

"As bad as @CNN is, Comcast MSNBC is worse. Their ratings are also way down because they have lost all credibility. I believe their stories about me are not 93% negative, but actually 100% negative. They are incapable of saying anything positive, despite all of the great things that this Administration has done. They don’t talk about the great economy, the big tax and regulation cuts, the rebuilding of the Military, "Choice" at our VA, our Vets, Judges and Supreme Court Justices, the Border Wall going up, lowest crime numbers, 2nd A, and so much more!" Trump tweeted.

Trump's remarks come after he slammed CNN in a separate tweet earlier in the day. He said that it was "great" that an "activist investor" was now involved with AT&T Inc. and added that the telecommunications giant could perhaps now put a stop to the "fake news" emanating from its network.

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