Hunt: I'd leave without deal but with heavy heart

Saturday, 22. June 2019 18:05

The United Kingdom's secretary of state of foreign and Commonwealth affairs, who is competing to become the leader of the Conservative Party and the country's prime minister, vowed to deliver the withdrawal from the European Union by the October 31 deadline. Jeremy Hunt said on Saturday in Birmingham that he is committed to renegotiating the Brexit deal but that he would still pull out from the bloc if there was no success, though with "a heavy heart" given the risks to businesses and the domestic union.

"Wise" prime ministers "keep their word," he stressed at the first of 16 scheduled hustings, where he and Boris Johnson will present their case. Furthermore, Hunt promised to take the UK out of the EU "as soon as possible."

He claimed it would be "a profound mistake" to hold a general election before the departure. The Tory leadership hopeful reiterated he would create the most pro-business and pro-growth cabinet.

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