Palladium dips over 1%, gold trades below $1,300 mark

Wednesday, 15. May 2019 13:11

Palladium and its sister metal platinum traded in the red on Wednesday, with the former dipping over 1% after yesterday's gains. Palladium fell 1.13% at 12:45 pm CET, to go for $1,323.48 per ounce, while platinum lost 0.50% to $852.06 per ounce at the same time. The two precious metals used in catalytic converters are both down for the month, with palladium experiencing its highest volatility since 2015 at the end of last month.

Meanwhile, gold gained 0.10% to go for $1,298.21 per ounce at 12:47 pm CET. The yellow metal jumped above the $1,300 mark on Monday after China announced retaliatory tariffs on US imports. Silver advanced 0.14% to $14.82 at 12:48 pm CET.

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