More than 55 million watched final US debate

Friday, 23. October 2020 23:05

According to the preliminary ratings, an average of 55.2 million viewers watched the final presidential debate between United States President Donald Trump and his Democratic opponent, Joe Biden, on Thursday.

The official total, to be released by Nielsen later in the day on Friday, is expected to be higher because it will count additional channels, besides ABC, CBS, NBC and the three major cable news channels that have been measured. The Nielsen ratings are exclusively about the views on American television sets, while the exact number of people who watched the debate on other devices or even listened to it on the radio remains unknown.

According to preliminary numbers, the first debate attracted approximately 62 million people, which is 11% more than yesterday's debate, while its final viewership number was 73.1 million. The second debate drew a smaller audience than the first one.

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