Dow jumps 150 pts as Trump sees strong Q3 rebound

Friday, 25. September 2020 19:26

Stocks on Wall Street extended gains on Friday with the Dow Jones advancing 150 index points after investors' hopes over the United States' economic recovery from the coronavirus crisis went up.

US President Donald Trump claimed that the country's GDP is set to have the sharpest three-month growth in history in the third quarter, expecting it to jump between 23% and 35% compared to the trimester prior.

The Dow strengthened 0.56% at 1:29 pm ET as Boeing gained over 4% in 1:15 pm ET. The Nasdaq 100 surged 1.35% at 1:30 pm ET as soared nearly 8% concurrently, while the S&P 500 added 0.86% a minute later led by Norwegian Cruise Line's gains of almost 11% at 1:16 pm ET. The euro declined 0.42% at 1:35 pm ET, going for $1.16224.

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