Airbus to integrate 115 new Eurofighter Escan radars

Friday, 26. June 2020 10:04

Airbus announced on Friday it had signed a contract for the development, supply and integration of 115 Eurofighter ESCAN Radars for the German and Spanish Eurofighter fleet.

"The contract for the Captor-E radar is the main achievement to equip Eurofighter with sensors that ensure today's dominance of the aircraft also in the threat scenarios of tomorrow. With Eurofighter, Germany and Spain are investing in a strong backbone of European air defense and the leading project of the European defense industry," commented Airbus Defence and Space chief Dirk Hoke.

The contract anticipates the delivery and integration of 110 Captor-E radars for Germany and an initial batch of 5 detectors for Spain to be delivered by 2023.

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