Google disputes EU's $2.6B fine

Wednesday, 12. February 2020 14:54

The Silicon Valley tech giant Google made an appeal in the EU's General Court on Wednesday as it tried to dismiss the $2.6 billion fine imposed by the European Commission dated back in 2017, which was the first in a series of other penalties on the ground on unfair and aggressive business practices.

The United States search engine company tried to persuade judges that it was wrongly accused of ill-treating rivals of its shopping service. Earlier in a similar case, it already paid a total of $9 billion in EU fines on accusations that its Android mobile operating system and ad service were involved in illegal activities. Meanwhile, Google said it changed its behavior and will appeal the fine next month, strongly condemning the EU decision as ill-founded and unfair.

Today's appeal hearing is to last three days with a verdict possible by June. The case can then go to the EU's highest court, the European Court of Justice.

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