Airbus set to end year with stronger sales

Wednesday, 18. December 2019 10:08

The sales chief of Airbus SE, Christian Scherer, said on Wednesday that Airbus is heading towards stronger sales at the end of the year showing a book-to-bill ratio above 1.

He noted that despite US tariffs and all the tensions on the market, Airbus managed to turn in "very satisfactory" sales in 2019. However, he added that the aircraft tariffs still present "serious problems" for the company's customers. Scherer also said that even though the future development of a bigger version of the A220 is not being considered at this time, it will eventually come to it.

After Airbus's competitor Boeing decided to halt its 737 MAX production, Airbus got to receive new orders from air carriers among which is UnitedAirlines Inc which recently ordered 50 new Airbus A321XLR airplanes aimed to replace Boeing Co.'s 757-200 aircraft.

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