Google to boost its Pay service through Android apps in India

Thursday, 16. May 2019 13:30

Google Inc. is considering partnering up with Android apps in India in order to boost its presence in the country's payment space, TechCrunch reported on Thursday, citing two sources familiar with the matter. According to the article, the company intends to increase the usage of its Google Pay service by offering its new in-app engagement rewards platform that will be targeting Indian developers and businesses.

The tech giant will reportedly try and launch the new initiative, known as Project Cruiser, for Google Pay later this year through its partners. Google will try to incentivize the users by offering them the opportunity to earn some money through small actions such as recommending the service to a friend, etc.

India remains one of the key markets for tech companies since it offers a wide range of opportunities and millions of potential customers. However, Google and other major players in the field have faced countless difficulties when trying to enter the market due to strict government regulations.

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