Volkswagen vows to 'examine' EU complaint

Friday, 05. April 2019 14:29

German auto industry giant Volkswagen AG said on Friday that it will take into account and examine the complaint the European Commission issued earlier today regarding the alleged violations of the emissions filter technology. The carmaker told AFP that it would issue a statement following the examination of the EU flings. Additionally, Volkswagen stated that it sees no evidence of how the EU proceedings are related to the use of illegal defeat devices.

Brussels issued a preliminary view today, informing Bayerishe Motoren Werke AG (BMW), Daimler AG and Volkswagen AG (VW) that it found evidence of EU antitrust rules breach by the auto industry giants by colluding to restrict competition on the development of the technology mean to curb carbon emissions in their vehicles. Earlier reports on the issue indicated that, considering the volume of paperwork gathered by the EU, fines are likely to be imposed on the companies in question.

Volkswagen shares were 0.28% lower at 2:27 pm CET. Daimler traded 0.14% in the red at the same time. BMW was 0.72% in the positive territory at 2:28 pm CET.

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