Equities in Europe trade mixed on UK tariff plan

Wednesday, 13. March 2019 09:20

Stock indexes on major European exchanges were looking for direction early in the session on Wednesday. Losses were capped by a pledge by the government of the United Kingdom that it would implement temporary customs relief in case of a cliff-edge Brexit.

Lawmakers are scheduled to decide today whether they want to rule out a disorderly withdrawal from the European Union after they rejected for the second time the deal reached by Prime Minister Theresa May. Investors are also waiting for the Treasury's spring statement as the fiscal year is finishing at the end of the month. The pound recovered a chunk of yesterday's drop.

The FTSE 100 was just 0.13% down at 9:20 am CET. Kingfisher was the worst performer, tumbling 2.47%. The German DAX dipped 0.26%, led by a 5.55% slump in Adidas, and the CAC 40 added 0.05% in Paris. Accor was its strongest component, adding 1.14%. Gold rose 0.29% to $1,305.28 per ounce. The euro was flat at $1.12861 and stumbled 0.46% to £0.85918. Sterling rallied 0.47% to $1.3136.

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